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Bushman’s Revenge "Jitterbug"

This Norwegian trio tears through 70’s leaning rock grounded in jerky rhythms and serious instrumental skill. While the guitar often comes to the front of the mix, Gard Nilssen’s snare and cymbal work lays a responsive foundation that mirrors and spurs on the chaotic shifts of Even Helte Hermansen’s solos. They also attack the uptempo tracks with pop-punk enthusiasm and prog rock meters—especially in the ridiculous shredding sections. Sitting near the middle of the album, “Too Old to Die Young” begins as a laid-back break from the initial bombast, though even here Hermansen’s guitar leans toward the hyperactive. This track also highlights the Nergaard’s grounded and melodic bass playing, which nicely complements the uncredited keyboard harmonies. Later on, the Motorhead cover manages to be both gratuitous and amusing, while “Personal Poltergeist,” the original that follows, is closer to the mellowest moments of Led Zeppelin. It should be said, too, that “Waltz for My Good Man” closes the album with some pretty and mildly countrified jazz guitar work. The album as a whole shows a deft melding of rock references with palpable joy and fun that steers clear of self-congratulation and solemnity. 7/10 -- Howard Martin (25 August, 2010)

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